Whimsical Earth Spirits Masks are created by Elizabeth Ashe and her husband, Bill Hollingsworth, in their studio/home overlooking the Shenandoah River in Virginia, which they share with their three cats and two dogs. The natural beauty of their surroundings provides a wellspring of inspiration for their work as well as a rich resource for the natural material they use to decorate it. Earth Spirits masks reflect their deep respect of the Earth as well a playful sense of humor. They combine for the artists some of their greatest joys: walking quietly in nature, playing with their hands in clay and observing the myriad manifestations of the human spirit.

Liz fell in love with and began studying ceramics in the late 1970s after she graduated from the University of Virginia. It was a journey of exploration which took her from Virginia to California and back, and became an education which included intensive study with independent potters, community center seminars, college electives and classes at the Corcoran School of Art. In 1991 she met Bill, an actor by training, and with his help and encouragement, they took the show on the road. Earth Spirits Masks has grown steadily ever since.


105 Crest River Drive, Middletown, Virginia 22645 | liz@earthspiritsmasks.com


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