Garden Guardian Star
Indoor/Outdoor - $55

Grandmother Tree Guide
20" x 30" |  $425
terracotta faces with feathers and preserved real leaves

Earth Spirits Masks are magical terracotta wall sculptures depicting nature spirits, faeries, or animal devas. Indoor Earth Spirits are enhanced after firing with natural materials such as twigs, fungi, lichen, mosses, pine cones, gourds, acorns, pods, feathers, etc. Outdoor Garden Guardians are unadorned. Because each piece is individually created and decorated, no two are exactly alike.

The laughing brook, the lazy river, the dancing leaves, the protective mountain, the playful breeze, the whispering grass, the swaying trees, the singing winds are all moods of nature reflected by Earth Spirits Masks. They represent the nature spirits of no particular culture but the respect of nature inherent in all primitive cultures. They remind us to take time to appreciate the abundant beauty and joyous spirit of our planet; they encourage us to smile.

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Shenandoah Night - Daughter of the Stars
Painting in Clay $395
Custom orders available

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